Shooting Workflow v3

Shooting Workflow

– the shooting takes place on the basis of TFP (time for pictures)

– we can exchange ideas or mood boards on Pinterest in advance

– usually the shooting takes place in Cologne or the surrounding area and takes about 2 hours, of course the location and duration are not fixed

– you are welcome to bring an accompanying person

– if you are underage, please let me know and I will send you a release form for your parents to sign and send back to me

– if you want to change clothes during the shooting, I can bring a changing tent (see below), please let me know in advance

– if we book a location etc. and the appointment cannot be kept and cancellation is not possible, then the person who canceled the shooting will bear the costs

– after the shooting I will provide you with all the pictures (except blurred ones, etc.)

– you can mark as many of the pictures as you want on a protected page

– you choose from the marked images 5-10 (depending on how extensively they have to be edited), prioritize which ones you want to have first and send me a list with the file names within a month after the shoot

– I edit the images on the list and make them available to you (in jpeg and png format and a png file, in format 1350px, optimized for Instagram)

– of course you will also get pictures that I have selected and edited

– images that I have not edited may not be published. Please inquire about exceptions

– in posts, stories etc. we link to each other in the image and text

– contact details, social media, etc….

Version 3.0 – 22.05.2022